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Bellydance course at Budapest in English

Dear Dancers,


Actually our English language courses is not available, because of my motherhood period. :)) 

But if you have interest to join us, please send me a short application e-mail, and I send you our other studio offers.  

It is a special offer from the SHABA ORIENTAL ART Dance studio to all of the foreigners who lives in Budapest and long to take part in a Belly Dance course, but they do not speak Hungarian, and also for our Hungarian studio members who wants to take part in Dance course in English.      

Level:  Basic technique training  

Lesson- language  is English (Hungarian translation is always available)

Location: Budapest, 1119 Etele street 8. GF 2. 


Hungarians and Foreigners  both are warmly welcome.
It is a Belly Dance course, I'm a DANCE instructor - not an English teacher- and  we learn to DANCE :) 

English is used as  common language to help the non-Hungarians to follow the course, and help the Hungarians (in additional) to prove their communication and language skills in English.  

You all are warmly welcome to this interesting and challenging course.
more infos:


+36 20 3254257 (Shaba Wollner) 

Registration by e-mail. 

First course:  08/09/2017

Welcome to our world. 


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