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SHABA’S Workshop List


Oriental Raqs Sharqi


Classic Oriental Raqs Sharqi   in modern interpretation  Enjoy the elegant style of the classical dance, how to be “queen of stage.” Introduction with Shaba’s favorite combinations with soft  veil followed by interesting oriental combinations   to express the art of oriental dance  Energetic, elegant,  sophisticated , sensitive   - bring a veil!!

·        Oriental technique: veil technique, movements and combinations 1.5 hour (open level- semi-advanced)

·        Oriental choreo.: (3,5min. long choreo) Several different music, and styles. (semi-advanced-advanced) 1.5-2hours



Tarab: (level 3-4)“Tarab”is an Arabic world means  “ classical hit” In European languages we can translate like Arabic Hits.  The Arabs mean under this expression the classical hit songs, like Omm Khaltoum, Warda, Abde Halim Hafez, Nagat.  For an oriental dancer is a high level of art to interpretate these songs, and her benefit is the full respect of a competent audience. During this workshop Shaba presents one of her favorite Tarab song from Warda: Ts’al dumua’ ayneya- Ask the tears of my eyes… (3min. long koreo) 

  • Dinamic Tabla solo: Energy and fire of oriental dance. Tabla solo is the most unique and difficult style of oriental technique.  Elegant, energetic, soft “body shaking”, express your emotions, unite with the rhythms of tabla.  Colorful, dynamic style, full with technique. 
  • Arabic Folklore-Egypt
  • Fun of Balady: (with saggat level 3-4, without saggat Open level) Autentic Arabic folklore style, funny,  full of charm and feminine energy. We all the dancers know well the famous beledi rhythms…the base of all style of oriental. Balady is the original  folklore dance base of all following styles. This wonderful movements and feeling is still alive and prosper.

·        Balady technique: basic movements of balady, combinations and technique, how to use the saggat (fingercimbals), make rhythms, and move with them. 

(open level)

·        Balady choreo.: short balady choreography with a very authentic Egyptian song: Salam ya Amm - bring saggat (fingercynbals) 3min. long choreo, (with saggat: advanced, without saggat: semi-advanced)

·        2in1: balady technique and choreo:  impressive part of the choreo, with a technical instructions of the movements.



  • Saidi Stick dance: authentic Egyptian folklore, dance with saidi cane.  One of the most original oriental folklore.  It’s characteristic accessory  the saidi cane.  The female version of saidi dance  came as a reaction of the men saidi. The stick symbolize the masculine energy, and women are dancing with the cane like a symbol of men.  Special rhythms, special movements .

·        Saidi technique: how to use the saidi cane, basic movements to saidi rhythms, different saidi combination  1.5 hour long ws  (open level)

·        Saidi choreo:  3 min long   choreography for specific music- 1.5 hour long ws (semi advanced level)

·        2in1: saidi technique and choreo: 1.5-2 hours: technique introduction and an impressive part of the choreography (semi advanced, open level)



  • Melaya Leff – Alexandrian folk dance:   authentic Egyptian folklore dance, especially from Alexandria. Melaya leff is a dark heavy scarf what is belongs to the traditional wear of the Alexandrian women. According to the popular belief their Mediterranean temperament, they are more flirty, they need to cover themselves with the dark scarf.  Most of the families are used to live from fishing, so they need to go inside the see to pick up the fish baskets,  so that explains their short flirty dress what they are wearing under the melaya leff.  This dance express well this game between flirty and decent.

·        Melaya technique:  how to use melaya laff, basic movements, basic technique  1.5hour ws (open level)

·        Melaya choreo:   short melaya choreo  3.5 minutes long, 1.5 hour ws (semi-advanced level)

·        2in1: technique and choreography  1.5-2 hour   (semi-advanced level- open level)



  • Yalla ya Shaby:Dance is pleasure!! Shaby menas “popular”, how the people are dancing, if they have a joyful event. Express happiness with a popular rhythmic song. Autentic Arabic style, how to dance in a very honest way guided by feelings.  Natural, Funny, Enjoyable, Sharmy, Feminine    3min. long choreo, 1.5 hour ws, (Open level)


 Arabic Folklor- Middle East

·        Khallighi  Hair Dance: originally from the Gulf, but  popular style all over the Middle East. Traditional Costumes, and movements. Special Rhythms.

o       Khallighi choreo: 1.5hour (open level

·        Dabke: Dance of the Middle East!


Andaluzi- Muwashahat- impressive/ elegant

·        the classical harem dances from the medieval Nord Africa (Magreb)

·        beautiful costumes and wonderful soft movements 




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