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JAWAD London- Fantasia Festival 2012 december 15/16


Feel the Fun of Baladi (Level 3) saturday morning 12.00-1.30 
Playful and full of charm and femininity, baladi is the authentic dance style of the Egyptian people.
The famous baladi rhythm forms the basis of so much oriental musicand this style of dance,
with its wonderful movements and feeling, is much loved in Egypt.
Shaba will teach a short baladi choreography to Salam ya Amm.
 With optional sagat.   (Please bring sagat if you have them)

Yalla Ya Shaby!  (Level 2) saturday afternoon 2.00-3.30 
Dance is an expression of happiness and pleasure! Shaby means‘popular’, and is way the people dance 
during parties and celebrations.  Shaba will show you how to dance this Egyptian pop song in a joyful 
and authentic Arabic way, guided by feeling as much as technique.
Prepare to have fun

To read about Fantasia:  http://www.jwaad.com/fantasia.htm
To book workshops/show tickets:  http://www.jwaad.com/store.index.php

Competition entries are also open.

Preview of picture in folder Shaba