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oriental dancer, performer, instructor

Art director of  SHABA ORIENTAL ART dance company, Hungary- Budapest

Name: Shaba Marta Wollner

Website:: www.shaba.hu

Contact: shaba@shaba.hu, +36 20/3254257


Education/ Qualification: 


2010-2011 Jordan University, Amman

2009-  Master of Arts in Oriental Studies (ELTE- Bp.)

2006-2009Philologist in Eastern Languages and Cultures (Arabian Studies)

1998-2003 degree of politican sciencies  (ELTE ÁJK)

2001 Oriental Dance Certification, Hungarian Music and Entertainment Center



Languages: hungarian, english, arabic,german


SHABA, Oriental Dancer:

Shaba is oriental dancer, teacher, performer from Hungary. She achieved outstanding success at  national and international oriental dance  festivals,competitions, and events.  She established  SHABA ORIENTAL ART dance company in Hungary- Budapest, in 2002. Since 1998,  her fist stepps in Oriental Dance, she took every opportunity to learn more about Raqs Sharqi and futher folklore styles of the oreitnal dance from the most famous master teachers to develop her style.

Shaba is a well known dance instructor and teacher in Hungary.  She has several performence experiance,  gala shows, festivals, theater projects, and many other events. 

She is a general jury  member of the Hungarian and  foreign   competitions. She is working a lot as a cooperation member with several europian belly dance festivals. 
She is the author of the first hurngarian  Belly Dance History Book, titled: Dance of the Feminin Beauty

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Shaba's detailed references

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 SHABA's Achievements and Awards Prefernces and Works Abroad  and Hungary

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