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Shaba's detailed references



 oriental dancer, performer, instructor

Art director of  SHABA ORIENTAL ART dance company, Hungary- Budapest

Name: Shaba Marta Wollner

Website:: www.shaba.hu

Contact: shaba@shaba.hu, +36 20/3254257


Education/ Qualification: 


2010-2011 Jordan University, Amman

2009-  Master of Arts in Oriental Studies (ELTE- Bp.)

2006-2009Philologist in Eastern Languages and Cultures (Arabian Studies)

1998-2003 degree of politican sciencies  (ELTE ÁJK)

2001 Oriental Dance Certification, Hungarian Music and Entertainment Center



Languages: hungarian, english, arabic,german

SHABA, Oriental Dancer:

Shaba is oriental dancer, teacher, performer from Hungary. She achieved outstanding success at  national and international oriental dance  festivals,competitions, and events.  She established  SHABA ORIENTAL ART dance company in Hungary- Budapest, in 2002. Since 1998,  her fist stepps in Oriental Dance, she took every opportunity to learn more about Raqs Sharqi and futher folklore styles of the oreitnal dance from the most famous master teachers to develop her style.

She is orientalist (Arabic Studies MA- ELTEUniversity of Budapest )  

Professional Dance instructor:  OKJ 528130101003301 Táncoktató  




2011. Prague, Let's Dance Festival Competition professional group category: III. winer (SHABA ORIENTAL ART group) 


2010. Prague, Let's Dance Festival, first Orient Expo (Budapest), Jordan Amman New Years Eve Party


2009. First performance in Berlin (Young Belly Stars),  Dance Tehater Project  (Budapest)


2008. Winner of the Raqs Sharqi-   Hungarian National Oriental Dance Compatition and Festival,  classical raqs sharqi category (groups):  I. place  :  SHABA ORIENTAL ART- FADDAH 


2007. Hungarian National Dance-Theater Festival, National Dance Theatre, Refektórium: special award for performance


2006. First performance in Frankfurt, Stocholm SBDF


2005. Ahlan wa Sahlan Festival, Cairo: Art of Orient - special award (groups)


2004. Winner of the Raqs Sharqi-   Hungarian National Oriental Dance Compatition and Festival,  classical raqs sharqi category (groups):  I. place (Art of Orient) 


2003: Winner of the Raqs Sharqi-   Hungarian National Oriental Dance Compatition and Festival,  professional solo category I. place  (Budapest) president of jury:  Dr. Mo Geddawi és Raqia Hassan


2003: Miss bellydance Hungary I. runner-up (II. place)

2002: Raqs Sharqi-   Hungarian National Oriental Dance Compatition and Festival,  4.th place (Budapest)

2001. Oriental Dance Ceritfication- Hungarian National Music and Entertainment Center 




Shaba's solo


Raqs Verona Shaba's solo 




Eternal RAQS SHARQI: Dance Theatre project




 Nile Group Cairo 2009 YaMsafir Wahdak (live music)















2012 JWAD Festival workshop and Performance


2012 Malta Figura ws and Performance: Notte Bianca Valetta


2010 Amman, West Amman Hotel: New Years Eve Party

Egypt (Cairo)

2005-2010   Nile Group Oriental Dance Festival

2002-2005 Ahlan wa Sahlan Oriental Dance Festival , gala shows 2002, 2003 

Check Rep.

2011 Prague, Let's Dance Festival- Competition with Shaba Oriental Art group III. winer

2010 Prague, Let's Dance Festival

Germany: Frankfurt/AM

2013 Orient Expo ws and Performances

2010 TraumGala with Randa Kamel

2006-2009 L'EMIR, MiraMir Oriental shows

2006 Orienta International Dance Festival

2006 Arabesqua Gala, Internaciaonal Teathre


2010 Bazar Oriental Festival  workshop

2009 Young Bellystars gala és workshop


World of Orient: gala és workshop solo dance with Sayyed Balaha and his essemble

Sweeden (Stockolm)

2008-2009 Stocholm, SBDF- workshopok

2006-2009 Stocholm,  SBDF gala show

Ausztria (WIEN)

2013 Hafla Salam Orient Festival 

2009 Nile Maxime Gala

2008 Austrienta, SHABA ORIENTAL  ART company,

2003-2004 Vienna, Lord of S, Al-Petra, AL-Medina oriental shows 

Spain(Barcelona): workshop







SHABA is a general performer, teacher, and jury member of the hungarian festivals, competitions, and other oriental events.

She has  million performances at galas show, orietnal paries, festivals, and many other kind of events behind her.

She has her own dance studio in the heart of Budapest.  She is one of the best known hungarian teachers.

She organise her own Studio Gala Show - Layaly Masria-  every year, where presents  the students, and her newest choreographies.  

She also organise festivals, and competitions. She was the co-organiser of Orient Expo 2010-2011, and the Europian BellyDance Championship (DBE) 2012   



Dance Theatre Projects:


2007-2009: Eternal RAQS SHARQI, Budapest Brodway Theater (Thalia)

2004-2005 Moon Rise, Merlin Internac. Theater


Festivals, Galashows:

2010. Ras el Sana: hungarian teacher gala show

2010. Awalim- All star gala, Hungary

2010. Győr (West Hungary): MediaParty

2009 Fringe, Budapest Spring Festival

2008. Oriental Evening, Budapest Uinversity Arabian Studies

2007.National Dance Theatre Festival

2005-2009 Layaly Masria: SHABA ORIENTAL ART Studio Gala

2003-2009 Raqs Sharqi: National Oriental Dance Competition and Festival- Galashows: Urania, Moulin Rouge

2007 Madiawave, Győr

2006 Balatonalmádi, Hotel Ramada

2005 Arabian Nights Festival

2003-2005 Eger, Oriental Festival

2002-2005 PECSA, Oriental Festival

2002-2005 Győr, Oriental Festival

2002-2005, Debrecen, Oriental Festival

2002-2003 Café Alhambra

2001-2003 Shiraz Persian Restaurant


Further Performances



2007 Oriental Divas with Magdy el-Leysi

2007 Wild Roses Show, West Balkan with the hungarian master teachers

2007 Happy-Hipps- Finge

2006 Layaly Masria SHABA ORIENTAL ART

2006 Spoon Ship

2006 Marocco Embessy oriental show

2006 Moulin Rouge, Oriental Varieté Show

2006 "Our Passion is Dance" show with Jillina

2006 Ras el Sana Oriental Dance Competition Gala Show

2006 Layalina Eve

2005 Cegléd Oriental Show

2004 Art of Orient Gala show

2004 Sziget Festival Budapest

2003 Szegedi Országos Hastáncverseny Gála

2003 Eger, Orvos kongressus


Special Events:


2005 Rudas Turkish Spa: Opening Celebration Party

2003 "Magyar Vándor": movie (oriental dance part) 


Some pesonal addition infos linked to the performances:


2002 Cairo, Ahlan wa Sahlan:

"First time in Egypt, and I was invited by Mme Raqia Hassan as a gala dancer.  I was not exactly prepaired, but it was a great honor,challange, and appreciation."


2003. Raqs Sharqi, National Oriental Dance Festival and Contest

"I become the winner professional category of the highest acknowleged contest in Hungary in that time. I was extreamly happy. It was the begining of my carrier." 


2003 summer: the award of the contest was a full participation of the Ahlan wa Sahlan festival, and after in Sharm el Sheik week-long oriental festival.


2003-2004 I was working in Vienna, in Oriental Restaurants: nice experiance to work with live music band.


2005 First Nile Group Festival "The Festival was organised by egyptian techers, like Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Aida Nour, Freiz Said. Main organiser Mohamed AbuShebika.


2006 First Stocholm Bellydance Festival

"I was invited as a solo dancer to Sweeden, I was happy and proud to be the first one who represent Hungary in Stocholm"




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