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Shaba's teachers

 Shaba has started to learn oriental dance at Hungary, Budapest in 1998. 

Shaba's first hungarian teacher was Tia, a hungarian dance teacher from the Dawn of the hungarian oriental life. Here on these courses began  the big  generation of the hungarian dancers. Some of them become a world famous star.

Shaba has been a member of Tia's Dance School for 6 years.

Anna Vitalis were Shaba's other mentor in Hungary. She give her a unique tasty style. 

Foreign master teachers: 

Shaba has been looking for every opportunity to take part in as mach workshops as she can all over abroad where she was invited, or traveled to learn oriental dance. 

Many-many occasion in Cairo at international dance festivals like Ahlan wa Sahlan, or Nile Group

as like many other cities or festivals, like in Sweeden, Germany, Hungary, Austria,  all over

She is happy to have  experiances not just taking part one-or two workshops, but real many time to prove her dance skills with the hughest master teachers like: 

Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy,  Yousry Sharif,   Mo Geddawi,    Raqia Hassan,   Momo Kadous,  Dawlat Ibrahim, Aida Nour, Friez, Magdy el Leisy, Osama Emem, Lubna Emam, Nasra Emam   from Egypt

or the biggest stars like Randa Kamel

Gaby Shiba from Lebanaon

or Jillina, Hadia, Lesia Star, Bahara, Chellcy, Yasmina Ramzy   

Workshop with Suhair Zaki, Nagua Fuad







Mme Dawlat Ibramim, she give me a deep impression, I've found something in her what I call a real clean raqs sharki source. At the other side of Mme Dawlat, Katalin Györffy, Shaba's Hungarian art director in her theater performances.


Among the most famous teachers and mentors Shaba encountered in Budapest and abroad,Mahmoud Reda,  Dr. Mo Gaddawi, and Mme Raqia Hassan, ex-members of the Egyptian Reda troop, master teachers and choreographers,  Mr. Jousry Sherif, Mr Magdy el-Leisy, Mr Momo Kadous, Mme Aida Nour master teachers.




Among the egyiptian masters Shaba have got the deepest impression from Mme Freiz Said, and Mme Aida Nour













Mahmoud Reda: Founder of Reda Troup


Most famous oriental dance master, his unique style is well-known all over the world amoung the oriental dancers.

Teh father of the folklore and oriental ballet.










Momo Kadous, the world famous oriental dance instruct


Shaba had many many time posibility to train with him in Frankfurt.   









Randa Kamel, the famous star

Shaba were taking part her worksop project in Frankfurt, and dance with her in the Traum Gala


Tito- well known egyptian master teacher

Shaba also has taken part of his workshops in Egypt  and Europe many times










Magdy el Leisy: fantastic and sensitive

Egyptian master teacher, lives in Germany. Master of oriental ballet. 

Shaba has been taking part his workshops many many times during the years. 

















Osama Emam- Egyptian master teacher in folklore

Shaba has many times hast taken part at his workshops in Egypt and Europe as well






And more over....


During her trips to CairoShaba attended the courses of Souher Zeki, Ibrahim Akif, Waffa Fawzi, Mahmoud Reda, Souraia, and Camelia. She has also had many opportunities to study the art of Dina.




In Hannover, Vienna and Barcelona, Shaba participated in public workshops and private courses by Jillina, a soloist of Los Angeles Bellydance Superstars, Magdy el-Leisy, master teacher and choreographer, Yasmina Ramzy of Toronto’s Arabesque Dance Company, and Lesya Starr, an outstanding Oriental dancer from Barcelona.

Shaba appriciates Jillina a lot, from the Belly Dance Superstars. She considers her as a real gigantic dancer from  the western wave of the oreintal art.  




Chellcy and Eldridge - Figura Malta 

Chellcy Rietsma originali from USA, living in Malta, and Eldridge Saliba Curmi - maliese folklore 

Shaba had a wonderful workshop week give and take workshops in Malta






At the Begining




Shaba has started to learn oriental dance at 1998.


She danced her first ferformance in 2000.


Before oriental dance she exercies  indian bharatha nathjam, jazz-ballet.



Her first competition participation was in 2001, 1st Raqs Sharki competition.


Between 2001-2002 she was the regular dancer of an oriental restaurant in Budapest. Here she have taken a lot of experiances.


2002 she was in the final at the 2nd Raqs Sharki Competition, in Budapest.


2003. Miss BellyDance Hungary 2nd runner up


2003. Raqs Sharki competition, 1st runner upprofessional Categorie, president of Jury: Mme Raqia Hassan.