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Workshop topics

Shaba is a wellknown  oriental dancer, teacher, performer at Hungary. She achieved outstanding success at  national and international oriental dance  festivals,competitions, and events.  She established  SHABA ORIENTAL ART dance company in Hungary- Budapest, in 2002. Since 1998,  her fist stepps in Oriental Dance, she took every opportunity to learn more about Raqs Sharqi and futher folklore styles of the oreitnal dance from the most famous master teachers to develop her style. She  has performed  many conuntries in Europe, Egypt, and Jordan. She is a general guest teachers in europian oriental dance Festivals, like in Stocholm,Berlin, Hannover, Frankfurt and more over. She was learning and performin in Egypt, she was attending many time in Egyptian Dance Festivals. 

Shaba also holds workshops at dance festivals in  Europe or Abroad.

 She likes also hosting teachers at Budapest.



  Oriental Raqs Sharqi (level 2-3)  in modern interpretation Enjoy the elegant style of the classical dance, how to be “queen of stage.” Introduction withShaba’s favorite combinations with soft  veil followed by interesting oriental combinations   to express the art of oriental dance  Energetic, elegant,  sophisticated , sensitive   - bring a veil!! (3,5min. long choreo)

  • Dinamic Tabla solo: Feel the tabla, let your soul to move by the full fired rhythems. Show your virtuoze technique across the tabla solo. Learn the secrets of the exreme body isolation, and express your sensitive movements across your hip and body technique.     
  • Yalla ya Shaby: (Open level)Dance is pleasure!! Shaby menas “popular”, how the people are dancing, if they have a joyful event. Express happiness with a popular rhythmic song. Autentic Arabic style, how to dance in a very honest way guided by feelings.  Natural, Funny, Enjoyable, Sharmy, Feminine    (3min. long choreo)
  • T-Arab-ic: (level 3-4)“Tarab”is an Arabic world means  “ classical hit” In European languages we can translate like Arabic Hits.  The Arabs mean under this expression the classical hit songs, like Omm Khaltoum, Warda, Abde Halim Hafez, Nagat.  For an oriental dancer is a high level of art to interpretate these songs, and her benefit is the full respect of a competent audience. During this workshop Shaba presents one of her favorite Tarab song fromWarda: Ts’al dumua’ ayneya- Ask the tears of my eyes… (3min. long koreo)
  • Fun of Balady: (with saggat level 3-4, without saggat Open level) Autentic Arabic folklore style, funny,  full of charm and feminity. We all the dancers know well the famous beledi rhythms…the base of all style of oriental. Balady is the original  folklore dance base of all following styles. This wonderful movements and feeling is still alive and prosper. At this workshop Shaba brings short balady choreography with a very authentic Egyptian song: Salam ya Amm - bring saggat (fingercynbals) with (3min. long choreo)
  • Saidi: cane dance coreog, and technique
  • Melaya Laff: skandarani, fun of "banat el bahri" , "girls of the see" , based on balady,and express the cheerful dance of Alexandria, spiced by mediterraninan soul.
  • khallighi hair dance: dance of the arabian gulf, impulsive rhythems, autentic mouvementes, funny and interesting dance stile with a long full covered bit transparent, and richly decotated khallighi costume 
  • Andaluzi- Muwashahat- impressive and elegant
  •  the classical harem dances from the medieval Nord Africa (Magreb)
  •  beautiful costumes and wonderful soft movements 




Shaba Oriental Art -  Dance Studio

Budapest, V. Hegedűs Gyula st. 23.


















































We have together a wonderful faminine hobby, what drives the men crazy, and makes the general girls famme fatale.



Studio Scedule:


Beginer class:

- here the applicants  can be introduced to the basic movements

- you will here get to know the names of the movents, and you will be involved to the world of the arabian music and rythems

- the system of the lessons are training, that means: the basic movements are  following each other in a training system, so you can join us any time.

-after a while with practice you will be exercised in the movements 


Semi-advances class:

- here we  learn combinations of the basic elements, we are get experianced  to join them together

- we start to learn coreographies 

- here the dancers are introduced to the technique of the classical raqs sharki

- at the end of the semi-advanced class all the dancers can dance easily to the arabian pop music

- this course is open to those advance-level-dancers, who want to prove the basic technique, and want to make the movements more clean, and the dance more elegant



Advanced class:

- here at the advanced course the dances get to know the  styles of classical raqs  sharki, like balady, khallighi, saidi,  skandarani, and the other kind of oriental dances, like turkish, libanise, and europian fantasy

- the main caracter of our studio is the klassical arabian raqs sharki, but we are also opened to the other bally dance styles

- the dancers of this coure has excellent result the local compations all over Hungary  as in solo cathegorie as in groups

- at the advanced levle we are giving accent to the artistic expressions


Above Advance class 

Shaba Oriental Art Group: this is our group which represents the studio on Stage 

The oldest members of the group are in the 5th year of oriental dancing




Shaba is very proud of the dancers of the studio.

The reached results by the dancers are more vailable

if we know many of them were really weak in self-confidence before they joined to the Shaba Oriental Art Studio.

How they discovered the talent in themself, they opened slowly like a fabulous flower.




For further information on courses and workshops please



or sms +36 20 325 4257